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Friday, October 17, 2008

Random passing thought

Remember when Church's had soup kitchens and no coffee shops...

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

5 reasons why I love Marriage

Number 5... Companionship. Having someone with whom to talk, go places, and share trials is a priority goal for many people who are contemplating marriage. Life can be lonely when we trudge that path alone. But even the deepest sorrow can become manageable with a such a great wife by your side. Whether you work or stay home, sharing a household at night and on weekends can contribute to a sense of fulfillment in your personal and social areas.

Number 4...Romance. Sure, you can get involved with someone without tying the knot. But how meaningful is that? I have seen plenty of people "hook up" at a bar only to be dissatisfied and back next weekend looking for "love" all over again. Both parties know one or the other can give up on the relationship at a moment's notice, creating a sense of insecurity and tentativeness that many couples find uncomfortable. The respect and commitment that come with a God centered marriage can enhance the romantic value of the couple's relationship. It's fun to wake up with someone who has pledged their life to you, and vice versa. And it's great not having to worry about getting any form of an STD or feel guilty about stolen kisses or a late-night rendezvous.

Number 3...Household support. You are bound to appreciate the help you can get around the house from your spouse. After all, sharing a home means that both of you are invested in a future together. We both want clean, comfortable living space, and an attractive place where you can entertain family and friends. Sharing chores can create occasional conflict, but working through it builds individual character as well as relational unity. I can't remember the last time I clean my own laundry.

Number 2...Financial security. Most of us can financially support ourselves adequately if we have a job outside the home that pays sufficiently. But what happens when the company goes out of business or you develop a life-threatening illness that costs your job? While marrying for money is not an inspirational goal, it does help to know that within marriage, the couple can share assets and help each other through tough times, financial difficulties included.

Number 1...Accelerated Sanctification. Weather we like to admit it or not our spouse see's all or most of the sin and junk we create in our life. Having someone that is committed to see holiness produced in our life will loving point out the places in our life that need change by holding up the mirror of Gods words exposing our sin. I know that when one is single it's a lot easier to hide those places that are exposed once one is married.